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Your Background Should Not Be The Reason Why You're At The Back

Being born in a low-income family or the so-called “unsuccessful” family is something no one can be blamed for, but living a mediocre life carries personal responsibility.

Human beings have not been given the privilege to choose a family to be born in. Had there been such an opportunity, families of the so-called successful would be the most overpopulated. However, I am glad that the future is hidden in each and everyone in the form of a gift or a skill. Therefore, success is not a chair reserved for the sons and daughters of the rich by those that are ready to unleash and maximize their potential.

The story would not have a good foundation if I can not butter it up with my own story, which I think would exemplify the subject above. The life story of Charline Prazen Chikomo ( Duce of Africa) can never be explained exclusively from dropping out of school, homelessness, hunger, and starvation, failing to afford my education, or uniform to wear, hit by the reality of life, abandonment, and the pain of poverty, going to school with only three things with him: oversized trousers that will become a symbol of identification for a long time, a cream shirt rather than a white one that was required, and a big dream in his head that scares him every night. For many at that time, his look was a sight of laughter, just as bullying, rejection, and isolation became things that he would have to confront day by day. But with ideas in his head, a dream insight, and a purpose to drive him, he persevered through all that life had to offer him, and out of that laughter and mockery, isolation and bullying, came a mountain of strength, courage, and motivation. At this moment, many would think the boy I am talking about is either Barack Obama or Abraham Lincoln, our president, or some members of the parliament. It’s none of them. None of those you see on TV but that same boy in the name Charline Prazen Chikomo. I can recall the days I used to settle for less and using my life as an excuse for not making it. I became so comfortable with failure because all I would do was blame everything on my background and other people that were not treating me well. I got satisfied with occasional, minor achievements like getting 14 Units as my grade 7 results, yet it was not even a pass.

In 2014, however, I made a turnaround decision that my background is not the reason for me to be at the back or an excuse for failure but as the chief reason why I should be more severe than anyone else. I managed to come out in the top ten for the first time, got 7As and Bs at an ordinary level, and finally 20points Advanced level with all the As. I also pushed myself that I found myself in the Junior Parliament of Zimbabwe, pushing the agenda of the young people. Coming up amongst the highest, I opened my organization DUCE LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE. This organization aims to create a generation of highly impactful leaders by creating an educational platform that enables the youths to discover, develop, and unleash potential. I also opened up the DUCE ACADEMY to help students who can not afford to access education to get the opportunity and fundraising to cater to their needs—not forgetting writing books to solve the shortage of textbooks in Zimbabwean schools.

The truth of the matter is that no one wants to listen to the story of a person who is not successful, so we ought to be prosperous. We live in families that are not economically stable, which means many times things won’t be as rosy as we might want them to be, but that should not stop someone with an appointment with the future. We ought not to forget that the loss of a battle does not signal the end of the war. Therefore, what our parents failed, we ought to overcome. If I did it, it means anyone can do it. Because of my background, none could ever imagine that one day I could be as motivational or found an organization that would give back to society in Duce LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE or unleashes his potential as an author. I hence highlight that the same story that I was mocked and isolated for is now the one that is my unique value proposition, an opening for me, and a stepping stone to those that I impact towards vast opportunities.

Africa is the future.

Youssou N'Dour